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Daisy - August 1998

Our beloved Daisy, seen here in desperate need of a haircut. Her coat has miraculously become as black and shiny as Cozy's (We thought it never would having been spayed). She is the sweetest Newf on Earth. This is the first Daisy page taken with my new Kodak DC120 digital camera. These images were taken on the lowest quality setting. Also I have not cropped these images like I usually do. These images appear exactly as they did right from the camera (only smaller). Daisy weighs 125 pounds here.

OK, so this isn't Daisy. It's Kirby! Kirby is my boss' Golden Retriever. He was staying with us for the weekend so he didn't have to go back to the scary kennel. (He didn't like it there, though I hear it's quite nice). Kirby is pictured here with a stolen Newfie toy.

Daisy of course took it all in stride, and stole Kirby's toy for herself.

Daisy's beautiful, albeit shaggy face before being brushed.

She's even more lovely after being brushed!

Daisy stretched out in all her Newf-carpet glory. This is her preferred method of relaxing. We know she's happy when she stretches out like this. This image HAS been cropped, and did not come from the camera in this odd aspect ratio.

The downfall of the digital camera is that it has a weak flash. It doesn't do very well on Black Newfs in the dark, and sometimes it doesn't do so well in the light either. Even underexposed she beautiful isn't she? Biased? Me? Nah...

Daddy, please give me a haircut.

My sweet girl...
Thus endeth this installment of Daisy's page.

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