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Daisy our beloved Newfoundland, who at the time of this writing is 12.5 years old!

February 1, 1998
Daisy's first day home - 2.75 years old

March, 1998
Pics - 2.9 years old

March, 1998
More Pics

May, 1998
Great Pics! - 3.1 years old

August, 1998
3.4 years old

September 1998
3.5 years old

September 1998
Daisy gets a bath

September 1998
The Pool

November 1998
The NEWF Store

November 1998
3.7 years old

March 1999
The Couch Incedent

July 2000
A trip to the river with Cozy - 5.3 Years Old

September 2002
A trip to the Beach with Cozy

Movies of Daisy

Daisy Woofing. Yes, our beloved Daisy has developed quite a voice. She woofs when she wants chin scritches mostly, but she will vocalize when she wants to play or if dinner is late too. This is a small file so there is only one version. Movie

Daisy being bad. Can you believe it? We discovered ripped up magazines one day and figured it was Cozy. Later I'm making a fire, and Daisy comes and takes the rolled up newspaper out of my hands and starts shredding it! Who would of thought? Here's proof.Movie

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