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Daisy: May 1998

Daisy is almost entirely at ease in our home now, with the exception of the pet sitter, who she doesn't seem interested in. She has even been seen playing like a puppy with one of our best towels. The towel didn't matter, as it was pure joy to see Daisy so happy. She was frolicking like a puppy. We love her to death.

Mmmmm. Bones. My bone is SO much nicer than Cozy's... (Actually, This is Cozy's. Cozy stole Daisy's only seconds before).

Look at that face. Daisy is the epitome of Newfness. At least in our eyes she is. How could you not fall in love with a face like this?

Picture Cozy doing something bad, and Daisy looking on thinking "Kids..."

This may be the only bad thing Daisy has ever done. My parents were coming for a visit, so we got a bed for our spare room, and my wife fixed it up just right. As she let us in to admire the room, Daisy blatantly climbed up on the bed and lay down right in the middle. We were thunderstruck. What made it worse was the look on her face. She was clearly saying "Thank you for getting me my own bed. I love it so much. Thank you Mommy". She even stayed on the bed after we left the room, which is amazing since she never leaves my wife's side.

A closeup of the princess on her royal bed. "Thanks for the bed Mommy. It is ever so much nicer than Cozy's. I knew you loved me more. I love you so much."

The exhausted traveler finally arrives at the top of the mountain where he meets the wisest of the wise, Daisy the Newf. The traveler puts forth the question he has come so far to ask. Daisy ponders the secrets passed down through the generations...

Then again, she could just be napping...

Oh Mommy, please give me the cookie. I am so deserving. I am so worthy. I love you Mommy. Please may I have the cookie?

The ubiquitous profile shot. You just can't have enough of them. With a face like this to show off, you're gonna see a lot more too.

Thus endeth this installment of Daisy's page.

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