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Daisy's First Day Among Us

Daisy came to live with us on February 1, 1998. She is almost three years old and is perhaps the sweetest creature I have ever met. She has the calm personality of a buddhist monk, and the amazing fluid strength of a Bengal Tiger. Since she has been with us, she has not uttered a sound, except to quietly growl at Cozy when she goes to far. Even then she looks embarrassed to have had to vocalize her feelings.

As the first day of Daisy's new life got rolling, everyone was a little apprehensive of the new arrangements.

The ever gregarious Cozy would not let Daisy forget, for even a moment, that she wanted to be friends with Daisy. Cozy, by the way, has never been happier than she is now that she has a live-in friend. Daisy is getting there slowly but surely.

Daisy looking over her shoulder. Isn't she beautiful? Biased? Me? Nah...

My wife's left hand along side Daisy's paw. Yes, Daisy outweighs my wife by quite a bit. She is so well trained though, that my wife walks Daisy while I walk Cozy. Cozy is getting much better though, as Daisy is her new role model.

Cozy sniffing Daisy saying "Please be my friend, please be my friend...C'mon, wanna play? Let's go play...", while Daisy looks at me saying "Please make her leave me alone...".

As the day continued, Cozy started to relax, and Daisy started to accept her more and more. Here Cozy has curled up with Daisy and is resting her head on Daisy's hip. It's scenes like this that make us happy we have more than one newfie. Cozy is beside herself with Joy, and Daisy is starting to relax in her new home.

Daisy's beautiful profile. What else can I say?

Thus endeth this installment of Daisy's page.

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