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Daisy: March 1998 (2)

Check this out. We told our breeder that Cozy has been harassing the ever-sweet Daisy. She informed us that Daisy is getting her just reward, because she used to do it to her Newfie chum back home! Well, you can imagine our shock to learn that our sweet little innocent Daisy has a dark past! I guess that explains why she is so good at getting back at Cozy.

The lovely Daisy. Her birthday is coming up soon! She doesn't seem to be interested.

Since the day we brought Daisy home, this has been her favorite place outside. She loves to watch the cars go by through the gate.

Daisy on the top of our porch stairs, looking down at me. Frequently she stands here as if to say "Oh no, I'm not going down there. Cozy's down there". Just kidding, they get along fine.

Guys? You in there? I know you're in there. C'mon guys, I want to come in. Guys? I can see you hiding in there. Are you eating my cookies? C'mon open the door. I can't guys - I don't have any thumbs...

Here's the intrepid Daisy, peering over the bow of the great ship Enterprise, watching for anyone in need of rescue. OK, so she's only looking out over our back yard, but doesn't she look great doing it?

Thus endeth this installment of Daisy's page.

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