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Daisy: March 1998

The ever sweetening Daisy is becoming so outgoing that it's like we have a different dog than the one we brought home not long ago. She runs to greet me when I get home, often beating Cozy to the door. We think there may be a subtle shift in the balance of power between them. Time will tell. Her favorite pastime is having her chin scratched.

Daisy resting after another fun-filled day with Cozy. Well, that's what Cozy calls it...

Just look at Daisy's beautiful face. Every part of her being says "Please daddy, put down the camera and scritch my chin".

The ever lady-like Daisy quietly being good so that maybe, just maybe, mommy will give her a cookie - Or a chin scritch!

Daisy in her entirety. I'm pretty sure she hasn't been bad a day in her life.

At the end of the day nothing beats crashing on the couch and taking the only pillow, thereby making the Mommy have to use you as a pillow. Makes for a close knit pack don't you think? I remember a time when I said "Absolutely no dogs on the couch". Imagine - I thought I was in charge once...

Thus endeth this installment of Daisy's page.

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