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These are the ramblings of GAD. They are not the opinions of my service provider, nor are they the opinions of my employer, my family, my broker, my gas station attendant, my dentist, my boss, or my orthopedist. They are strictly my own. If you would like to quote me, have at it! Just give me credit. If you disagree with me, drop me an e-mail at I love a lively debate, and in fact I welcome your thoughts, however flames will be ignored.

GAD's Philosophies

Getting angry at other motorists is a waste of energy. There is absolutely no benefit to you, and the other person could be a maniac with a gun.

Laziness is bad. Unless of course you have a really good reason...

People who are not handicapped and park in handicapped parking spaces need to stop doing that.

Hatred is a waste of energy. It provides benefit to no one.

Racism is also a waste of energy. Again, it benefits no one

Ignorance is a crime.

Sometimes I think stupidity should be a crime. Then I realize that I have lost my patience. That is the crime.

People with opinions suck... Oh wait, I have opinions...

If one is ignorant of a subject, covering ones ignorance with arrogance only succeeds in making one look like an idiot.

Smoking is dumb. And guess what... It kills people!

Nature always wins. When a house is built on stilts, 10 feet from the ocean. The ocean will reclaim it.

Mean People Suck.

Encourage a child.

There is no greater gift you can give a child than confidence in his/herself.

Physical beauty is temporary. Beauty of the soul is eternal.

Don't strive to be like someone else. Strive to make others want to be like you!

No matter how much money you make, if you are not happy, you will be forever poor.

Smiling and screaming both release endorphins in your brain. Choose one and do it now.

Most everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. Do what is right.

Spend more time outside. Sunlight is good for you.

Physical beauty can be faked. Beauty of the soul cannot.

We all need to lighten up. Life is too short to be angry.

Destroying the rain forests is simple stupidity.

Stay healthy. You don't miss your health until it's gone.

Loyalty is a good thing. Blind loyalty is not. Know the difference.

Knowledge is power. Imagination is more important than Knowledge. You take it from there.

Learn to appreciate the arts.

I've learned not to take myself too seriously. After all, no one else does.

Keep an open mind. A closed mind has no room to grow.

No one knows everything. If you think you do, then you are, in fact, an idiot.

The human mind is an interesting thing. Many people close it. Few people really know how to use it. No one has ever filled it, and no one understands it.

WTC Tower of Lights (Taken by me)

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