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Where I used to work, when there was a celestial event approaching, I would create these documents and leave them in the cafeteria, so that all could learn of the splendors of astronomy. They were well received at the time, though when there are no solar eclipses imminent, they are a hard sell.

Solar Eclipses
In 1994, there was an annular eclipse of the sun. I went to New England to view it, leaving my work mates without the benefit of my astronomical experience. This document was written so they might know about eclipses and how to view them safely.
209k pdf

Meteor Showers
Written in preparation for one of the astronomy parties a friend and I used to host, this document covers what meteors and meteor showers are.
238k pdf

The Great Comet Crash of 1994
This document was written before the great comet crash of 1994. Everyone kept asking me about it, so I printed this to hand out. While the event has long past, the document still contains a lot of good info about Jupiter and comets.
64k pdf

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