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Here's some short stories I've written over the years. Most of them are less than stellar, so be patient. I write when the mood strikes me, or for whatever reason. If you like them, let me know. If not, let me know why. Criticism helps us grow, positive reinforcement makes me write more.

Newfie Story
This is a fictional story about my two Newfoundland dogs saving my two nieces from the perils of the ocean.

Some things you need to know when reading this: "Gare" is what my wife calls me (Gar[y]), "Loll" is what I call my wife, "Alee" (Aly) and "Toree" (Tory) are my nieces names. Now that you have a shot at understanding "dog speak", read on.

13k pdf

A short story about a woman with powers she doesn't even know she has. This story was written as a possible chapter in a novel idea I had been fooling around with.
30k pdf

A short story about a guy getting struck by lightning whilst listening to his ham radio. This story was also written as a possible chapter in the above mentioned novel idea.
18k pdf

A story about a man and his magic. Yet another chapter in the novel that never was, this third story continues on a theme that the above two start.
30k pdf

About a thousand years ago I played Dungeons and Dragons on a regular basis. This story was written as a background for my character. Basically a fantasy story about a young boy and the terrifying event that makes him become a wizard later in life.
25k pdf

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