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Otto was a 5.5ft Green Iguana. He lived in our living room and was basically our personal gargoyle, responsible for keeping evil spirits at bay. He did a fine job, noble beast that he was. The day after we brought him to the vet (Only second time he was ever out of our apartment!) my car got broken into. Obviously Otto had protected us from this sort of thing in the past, and was now to far away to help us.

Hi! My name is Otto!, or at least it was. My owners took very good care of me, but I got sick and died of renal failure. They put my picture on the web so I could be immortal. Now that I'm here, I would just like to say, yeah, Iguana's are cool, but don't buy one for that reason unless you are committed to taking care of it. We are living things, and too many people buy iguana's as if they were disposable pets. If you get an iguana, and take the time to take care of it, you will be rewarded with a truly unique experience. Just remember, we can live for 10 years, and can grow to be over 6 feet long! Are you ready for that? Do me a favor, and think of me when you go looking. Thanks, -Otto-



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