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Cozy was our beloved Newfoundland, who was put to sleep on March 15th, 2006 in order to spare her from the ravages of cancer. This site chronicles her life with us.

September, 1997
Puppies - 5 Weeks old

September, 1997
Cozy and her siblings - 7 Weeks Old

September, 1997
Cozy comes home

October, 1997
Cozy's first bath - 11 weeks old

November, 1997
Cozy - 14 weeks old

November, 1997
Cozy - 4 months old

December, 1997
Cozy - 5 months old

December, 1997
Cozy's first Christmas

February, 1995
Daisy comes to live with us

March, 1998
Cozy - 7 months old

April, 1998
Cozy - 8 months old

May, 1998
Cozy learns to swim! - 9 months old

May 1998
Cozy - 9 months old

August, 1998
Cozy - 1 year old

September, 1998

September, 1998

September, 1998

September, 1998
The Pool

November, 1998
New Hampshire

December, 1998
Christmas - 1.4 years old

March, 1999
Cozy - 1.6 years old

July, 2000
Cozy and Daisy in the lake - 2.9 years old

Deceber, 2000
Cozy playing in the blizzard

September 14, 2002
Cozy and Daisy at the beach

March, 2005
Cozy in the snow

My Cozy is Famous! Click here to learn why.

Movies of Cozy

Cozy and Daisy Retrieving a plastic bumper from the lake. This is their favorite pastime, and they will partake of this game for hours. If only we could keep up with them! Listen and see if you can tell we were impressed. Movie

Cozy searching for her Kong. Her favorite kong is, of course, the little tiny one. We throw it off the deck and she sniffs it out, even in complete darkness. She is perhaps at her happiest when she needs to "find it". Movie

Listen To Cozy
(You may have to turn up your volume for some)

Cosette's mournful "Please let me sleep in the bed with you daddy" wail. LonelyCry.wav (309k)
Cozy's "Ferocious 5-month old watchdog" bark. ProtectiveBark.wav (245k)
Cozy's "Let's Play!" bark. LetsPlayBarkMono.wav (725k)
The noise Cozy makes when I rub her ears just right. EarNoise.wav (230k)
Cozy talking to me in the morning. CozyTalking.wav (671k)
Cozy clearly saying "I love Lauren" (My Wife's name). ILoveLauren.wav (76k)

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